Family office services

Our family office is dedicated to delivering personalized private wealth management advisory services tailored to the unique needs of high net worth individuals or groups. We specialize in overseeing the intricate financial and investment affairs of individuals and families, providing a diverse array of services that encompass property management, accounting and payroll, legal affairs, family governance, finance, investment, philanthropy coordination, and estate planning.

Our primary focus lies in wealth management and investments, aiming to address specific needs, enhance performance, and facilitate the achievement of financial goals.

We bring expertise to tax planning and compliance, strategically planning to minimize both current and future tax liabilities.

Our team offers valuable assistance in managing tax affairs and meeting compliance deadlines. In the realm of risk management and asset protection, our objective is to safeguard and actively manage wealth, ensuring financial stability.

Succession and inheritance planning are integral components of our services, aimed at managing financial affairs and ensuring a seamless transition to the intended beneficiaries.

Our commitment extends to handling financial reporting and administrative matters. We specialize in setting up robust financial accounting functions with internal controls, preparing regular reports that aid in decision-making, and providing comprehensive administrative support.

Additionally, we prioritize regulatory compliance, ensuring adherence to the various regulations in force.

Our family office opens the door to a range of exclusive, high-yield investment opportunities usually reserved for institutional investors. We give our members privileged access to institutional-quality investment opportunities, in partnership with leading private equity groups and renowned private banks.

Through our network, we offer our clients preferential terms while adding value and facilitating their access to the private equity market and negotiating preferential terms for you.


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We work in partnership with experts to offer you tailor-made services that meet all your needs, as well as your most complex issues, while providing you with simple solutions that meet your expectations.

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